Partner with a Team that has Over 60 Years of Experience

The attorneys at Yaeger & Weiner have decades of experience together successfully handling all types of injury and death cases, including auto, trucking and product liability cases.  They have extensive trial experience in state and federal courts throughout the country, and are responsible for landmark cases in many areas of the law.   With over 60 years of combined legal experience, you can trust Yaeger & Weiner Law with your most important needs after a serious accident or injury.

Proven Results and Landmark Cases from Yaeger & Weiner Law

We have vast experience with the most complex of cases, the toughest and meanest defendants around, and the most severe injuries imaginable.  Minnesota’s landmark “Insurance Bad Faith” cases, Short v. Dairyland and Kissoondath v. U.S. Fire (both available for reading and downloading in our Resources menu) were won by Yaeger & Weiner attorneys.  We have handled landmark decisions that have upheld the right to sue tobacco companies for injuries and deaths, determined the types of product liability claims that may be brought, and prevented big corporations from using “preemption” defenses.  We have won cases upholding vitally important rights of injured railroad employees and injured schoolchildren.  We are frequently called on to speak to other attorneys, write legal articles, and Michael Weiner has taught Products Liability to generations of law students.  We are well prepared to handle your case, and are ready to go to court if necessary to get you the result you deserve.

Every Client’s Case is our Most Important Case

Legal representation is more than simply winning a case. Yaeger & Weiner Law believes in building a strong relationship with our clients in order to achieve the goals they have in mind.

We believe that character defines a law firm. Character is validated and proven by both case results and happy clients. At Yaeger & Weiner Law, our clients come first.  We consider it our obligation to help them understand the law and their cases, and help them make wise decisions on whether they should settle their case or go to trial.  And, we have the experience when going to trial is the wise choice.  We approach every one of our cases with the same high level of professionalism; every client is our most important case.

Available 24/7, call us today

Accidents are unpredictable by nature. You never know when they are going to bring about chaos and effect you or the ones you love. Yaeger & Weiner Law understands the need to be available around the clock. Our attorneys can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   You are our priority.

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