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Legal Counsel For People Injured By Property Owner Negligence

Property owners in Minnesota are required to maintain their properties in a manner to provide a reasonable level of safety for visitors and customers. This includes making sure the design, construction and maintenance meets safety standards. If part of the property falls under disrepair or an unsafe condition exists, the property owner has a legal responsibility to make repairs or warn the public of the potential danger.

New Technology Has Leveled The Legal Playing Field For Injury Victims

Over the past several decades, it has grown increasingly harder to win fair compensation for people injured because of unsafe premises, because insurance companies have been taking a harder line in settling cases, and when cases go to trial, juries have increasingly blamed the victim for not being more careful. But, there is good news for these injured people.

With the advent of new camera and surveillance technology, injured parties are finding it easier to prove that dangerous conditions (such as an unmarked wet floor) caused their injuries. Often, these dangerous conditions, as well as the fall, are captured on the business’s surveillance cameras. Equally important, almost every injured person now has a camera with them in their phone, and they can photograph the unsafe condition that caused their injury.

When the evidence is clear from these surveillance videos or cell phone pictures that property owners failed to meet their legal responsibilities, insurance companies have no choice but to pay, and juries can now see the dangerous conditions that should have been fixed or warned about. But building a strong and compelling case takes skill, resources and a commitment to success.

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, or any kind of accident because of negligence or misconduct on the part of the property owner in Minnesota, turn to the personal injury lawyers of Yaeger & Weiner Law in Minneapolis. Our attorneys have decades of experience negotiating fair settlements and winning premises liability lawsuits in court.

We are one of the few personal injury litigation firms that employ a staff accident investigator, who has more than 40 years of experience gathering evidence and proving liability.

We represent people in premises liability cases such as:

  • Retail store accidents
  • Parking lot and parking ramp accidents
  • Assault cases caused by insufficient security
  • Accidents resulting from unsafe lighting conditions
  • Stairs and stairwell accidents
  • Park, playground and recreational injuries
  • Construction site injuries

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