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Make Minneapolis safer for bicyclists and pedestrians

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Firm News

Minneapolis is well known for our sometimes brutal winters. We are also developing a reputation as one of the nation’s most bicycle-friendly cities, regardless of how cold it might be or how deep the snow might be piled.

Part of our reputation is built upon the belief across the Twin Cities that bicyclists should be respected and bicycling should be safe. That is why we have so many streets and bike paths designed to prevent accidents that cause serious injuries.

The Travel Channel notes that though our winters are hard, our bicyclists are hardy and that they pedal around Minneapolis year-round. “The bike culture here is big and proud,” they write on their website, pointing out bicyclists enjoy circling our lakes and going across the Stone Arch Bridge.

However, like every other city on their list of bike-friendly locales, we have room for improvement in bike and pedestrian safety. Part of that responsibility falls on bicyclists themselves, of course. They are urged by safety advocates to wear helmets and bright clothing and to obey traffic signs.

Motorists are likewise urged to pay attention to signs and to look carefully for bicyclists and pedestrians before crossing streets, proceeding through intersections and merging onto roads. With all of us putting effort into making Minneapolis safe, we can reduce the numbers of bicycle accidents, pedestrian injuries and motor vehicle crashes.

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