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In Minnesota, there is an expectation on the part of drivers who share the road that everyone will have the necessary insurance coverage in the event of a car accident. However, this is not always the case. There are various aspects of the law when it comes to insurance, and it is important to know them. This is of specific importance after there has been a crash.

Minnesota has a “no-fault” system of insurance. If a person is injured in a crash, the insurance is called personal injury protection to shield the policy holder from certain costs. With no-fault insurance, the company will pay for medical costs, for lost wages and to repair or replace the car. It is irrelevant who was at fault in the crash. To make a claim against another driver who was negligent, there are thresholds that must be met. The thresholds are the following: The injured party’s medical costs must surpass $4,000, or the injuries must be permanent or disfiguring, or the person must be suffering from a disability due to the accident for a minimum of 60 days.

There is also “shared fault.” If a person has an accident and is found to be partially at fault, the state has modified comparative negligence. This means that if it is determined that the person is 20 percent responsible for the accident and the other party is 80 percent responsible, 20 percent will be deducted from the damages. The person will subsequently collect 80 percent of what was lost. This rule applies provided the fault is equal or less than that of the other person.

Insurance issues can be confusing, especially when a person is reeling after having been in a car accident. Thinking about whether the insurance policy is sufficient to cover costs or if the accident was with an uninsured motorist can add unnecessary worry to a situation. Having legal assistance from an attorney who is experienced in underinsured/uninsured motorist accidents can be beneficial in these circumstances for peace of mind and help. The car accident lawyers of Yaeger & Weiner Law have 25 years of experience with underinsured/uninsured motorist accidents, and we have helped many.