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July 2017 Archives

How can FELA help with railroad worker injuries?

Railroads were once the prevailing way to get from one destination to another in the United States. With that came a lot of work for people who were building, operating and maintaining these railroads. The industry might not be as prominent in today's world, but it still exists and there are many people who serve as a railroad employee. Like any job, it has its dangers. A workplace accident can be extremely dangerous for a railroad worker due to the size and speed of the equipment that is used. Minnesotans who are injured while working on a railroad should be aware of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) and how it protects them.

Railroad employee injured in Minnesota train-SUV crash

Minnesotans who work in the railroad industry might be under the impression that despite the inherent dangers of their job with large vehicles, heavy equipment and other factors, they will not have to worry about being in a car accident should be aware that accidents of all kinds can occur with trains. A recent incident showed that this is not the case. A workplace accident on the railroad, no matter its cause, can lead to railroad worker injuries and the issues that accompany that. Having legal assistance is vital after a railroad employee has been hurt in any kind of incident.

SUV crash seriously injuries 2 women

In Minneapolis and throughout the state of Minnesota, an auto accident can happen in locations where they are least expected. It is when these car accidents happen in places other than the road that people can suffer serious injury and fatalities. People who are injured in a crash as pedestrians, while in a store, or sitting and having a meal need to be aware of the potential aftereffects and react accordingly by considering a legal filing to receive compensation.

Teen drivers and the summer months raise risk for car accidents

Researchers consider the summer months the deadliest on the road for the entire year and this is a significant concern for Minnesota drivers. Part of that is due to the inevitable increase in the number of teens who are behind the wheel once school is out. The summer months are referred to as the "100 deadliest days" and spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In Minnesota and its neighbor Wisconsin, around one-third of the fatal crashes in both states happened during this time-period. There are several factors that are viewed as a factor in this.

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