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SUV crash seriously injuries 2 women

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Car Accidents

In Minneapolis and throughout the state of Minnesota, an auto accident can happen in locations where they are least expected. It is when these car accidents happen in places other than the road that people can suffer serious injury and fatalities. People who are injured in a crash as pedestrians, while in a store, or sitting and having a meal need to be aware of the potential aftereffects and react accordingly by considering a legal filing to receive compensation.

Two women, 52 and 36, who were eating at a drive-in restaurant were hit by an SUV that backed into their outdoor table. The accident happened at around 2:15 p.m. They were pinned under it with one underwater. According to the owner of the restaurant, the driver of the SUV was looking for a restaurant that provided drive-through service. She hit the table when she backed up and then went up an embankment. Nearby people went to help the victims with one performing CPR on the woman who had been submerged. The women were airlifted to the hospital. Law enforcement is investigating the crash.

With a car accident, especially one involving people who were not in a vehicle themselves, the first step is to get them treatment as soon as possible. Because there is a lack of protection accorded to those who are hit by a car and they are notoriously vulnerable, significant injuries can result. This can include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts and more. Medical treatment can include surgeries, rehabilitation and extensive care. The injured person might never be able to return to work or function normally. This can lead to massive expenses. Often, the only way to be adequately compensated is through a legal filing.

In this case, two women were eating at a drive-in in the mid-afternoon when a vehicle backed into them and caused serious injuries. With the accident still being investigated, it is essential that their families understand what they are up against and protect themselves by speaking to an experienced legal professional to consider a lawsuit.

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