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Railroad employee injured in Minnesota train-SUV crash

Minnesotans who work in the railroad industry might be under the impression that despite the inherent dangers of their job with large vehicles, heavy equipment and other factors, they will not have to worry about being in a car accident should be aware that accidents of all kinds can occur with trains. A recent incident showed that this is not the case. A workplace accident on the railroad, no matter its cause, can lead to railroad worker injuries and the issues that accompany that. Having legal assistance is vital after a railroad employee has been hurt in any kind of incident.

An accident between an SUV and a train sent both the train conductor and the SUV driver to the hospital via airlift. The accident occurred at around 9:20 a.m. According to the investigation, the SUV rear-ended the train as it backed across the avenue. A conductor, 26, who was stationed at the back of the train was hurt. So was the 49-year-old driver of the SUV. Three boxcars were being hauled by the train. The railroad employee was on a ladder toward the back. At the location where the accident took place, there are no lights or gates.

Railroad employees provide a valuable service to those who use trains and the railroad for personal and business purposes. However, there is no denying the risk of injury with this type of work. When there is a railroad accident, a person can be faced with medical expenses, lost time at work, long-term damage and extensive problems. Railroad employees might not understand the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) that protects railroad workers. This is one of the key aspects of receiving compensation after an accident and it is imperative to have legal assistance from an attorney who is aware of this law and other aspects of protecting railroad workers.

In this incident, a railroad worker was injured when the train he was on was hit by a car. He and the driver were flown to the hospital for treatment. Given the circumstances surrounding this case, he must make sure that he protects himself from any aftereffects of the crash. Speaking to a lawyer experienced in railroad accidents is the first thing he and his family should do.

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