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What does it mean to be an underinsured driver?

Few Minnesota drivers give much thought to the types of insurance their fellow motorists have until they are involved in car accidents. Standard procedure after a collision, after making sure that no one is injured or requires medical attention, is to trade contact and insurance information so that the parties may file a claim for the recovery of their losses. However, when one of the parties does not have sufficient insurance to cover the costs that his negligence created the process can be more complex.

An underinsured driver is just that type of negligent party: one whose insurance will not pay out enough to compensate a victim for the losses he sustained in an accident caused by the underinsured party. An uninsured driver is one who does not have any driver insurance policy; accidents with uninsured drivers may cause their own unique complexities.

Since an underinsured driver’s insurance will not fully compensate a victim that individual may find himself suffering in the wake of his ordeal and have to cover out of pocket costs associated with the accident. He may need to seek other avenues of securing the recovery of his damages in order to become financially whole after the wreck.

As the pursuit of a victim’s damages from an uninsured or underinsured driver can be difficult it is not uncommon for such parties to seek the counsel of attorneys who practice personal injury law. No two car accident cases are alike as each will be impacted by the facts and circumstances that were present at the time of the collisions. As such it can be beneficial for victims to discuss their cases with lawyers who can help them understand their particular legal rights.