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Railroad workers can suffer PTSD after an accident

Railroad work takes a certain amount of grit and determination. This is because working on a railroad in Minneapolis can expose an employee to many physical dangers. However, one danger associated with railroad work that may not be so obvious is the infliction of emotional trauma following an accident.

Being involved in a fatal train crash is not as unusual as one may think. According to some advocates, train engineers whose careers span 25 years will be confronted with an average of three traumatic incidents over the course of their careers. What can be especially traumatic is the fact that in the case of a train fatally striking an automobile, the engineer of the train is often the last person to see the motorist alive. According to one engineer, such incidents can never be forgotten.

The National Transportation Safety Board reports that there were over 890 rail deaths nationwide in 2013, and these deaths negatively affect railroad workers. According to a 2011 study, almost 44 percent of railroad employees surveyed reported being involved in a “critical incident.” These employees reported that due to the incident, they suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and problems sleeping.

As of right now, following an accident a railroad must give the engineer involved mental health assistance along with time off of work, although this time off need not be paid. In the end, it is important to remember that railroad workers who experience a train accident may suffer both physically and mentally in the aftermath. They need safe working conditions and the proper support should something go wrong. Railroad workers who want more information about their rights on the job might want to seek legal advice to have their questions answered.

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