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Woman badly injured when tree falls on restaurant patrons

When Minnesota residents go onto someone else’s property, they don’t expect to be injured in an accident. However, our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that sometimes dangerous conditions at a grocery store, retail location or restaurant can result in serious injuries, be it from things falling or from slip and fall accidents. Sometimes the owner of the property in question is a local government.

That was the case in a recent accident that has left one woman hospitalized for weeks. According to a recent report, on May 6 a group of customers at a pizza restaurant were enjoying their dinner at around 6 p.m. That was when, out of the blue, a large tree from a neighboring parcel of property owned by the city of Wayzata fell. The tree reportedly pinned a woman under it. The woman was in town visiting her daughter.

For the two weeks following this incident, the woman was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at North Memorial Hospital. The woman’s husband has stated that she remains in critical condition.

The city quickly began to look into this incident and investigate the condition of the tree that fell, along with other trees in the nearby area. According to the recent report, an arborist determined that the tree that fell, along with a few others, appeared to be diseased. If the injured woman and her family can show that the city should have addressed this dangerous property condition before it led to the accident, the city could be held responsible under premises liability law.

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