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ATVs, boats, scooters and other types of recreational vehicles are meant to be enjoyed and used responsibly. When someone on the trail or lake takes their personal fun too far, though, people often get hurt. Or, when the manufacturer doesn’t take their responsibility for safety seriously, people can get killed.

Minnesota is one of the leading states in the U.S. for ATV, boat and recreational vehicle use. Unfortunately, that also makes us one of the leading states for serious injuries and deaths resulting from the negligence or misconduct of the drivers.

If you were injured in an accident while riding a recreational vehicle, or injured when struck by someone on a recreational vehicle of any kind, call the personal injury lawyers at Yaeger & Weiner Law, in Minneapolis.

Our team of recreational accident attorneys offers decades of experience aggressively representing victims of negligence in these types of accidents. To make sure we develop the strongest case possible for negotiating a full and fair settlement or taking your case to trial, we employ an experienced recreational vehicle investigator, Bill Sullivan, with more than 40 years of experience.

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