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Mock crash demonstrates the danger of distracted drivers

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Car Accidents

Previous posts here have detailed the dangers of distracted driving. According to one news article, some high school students in Minnesota recently got a pretty good look at just how much devastation a distracted driver can cause.

The article noted that on April 21 the students of Northern Lights Community School were exposed to a “mock crash” with the purpose of demonstrating the dangers of distracted driving. Multiple agencies in the area, including the fire department, the Minnesota State Patrol and even a funeral home, took part in the act for maximum impact.

In addition to the mock crash that was located right behind the school, the students were exposed to a funeral mock-up that included an actual casket as well as a eulogy. After that, the students listened to several speakers who talked about their experiences with drunk driving car accidents.

Demonstrations like this are a good way to educate young drivers about the danger involved in failing to pay attention to the road while driving. As the recent article notes, the prevalence of smartphones and other electronic devices is making distracted driving a bigger problem than it has ever been before. Each year, thousands of people die in accidents caused by distracted drivers. When drivers in Minnesota are injured in these type of car accidents, they may have legal recourse with a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit could hold the liable party responsible for the damage and devastation they leave in their wake due to the negligent driving behavior.

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