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Pursuing compensation after a train accident

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Train Accidents

Most people know that car accidents are fairly common, but they probably don’t think about what occurs in a train accident. These accidents can occur due to a number of reasons, from negligent track maintenance to a failure to heed railroad regulations. Anywhere there is a road crossing at a train track, there is potential for a catastrophic train accident.

But commuters aren’t the only ones who are at risk when it comes to train accidents. Railroad workers may be in danger as well. These individuals may get injured on the job and think that they can apply for workers’ compensation, but that isn’t the case. Railroad workers are covered by a different law, known as the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, or “FELA.” When railroad workers are injured on the job, this is where they may find legal recourse.

Whether you have been injured in a collision with a train or you are an injured railroad worker, you will likely need to assess your legal options. At Yaeger & Weiner Law, we work with our clients to help them understand the process they will need to go through if they wish to pursue financial compensation.

Minnesota residents need to be aware of the dangers that are presented by the trains that crisscross the state. Collisions or on the job accidents can leave Minnesota residents injured, unable to work and facing potentially thousands of dollars in medical expenses. For more information about how our law firm might be able to help in your case, please visit the train accidents section of our website.