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Motorcycle-car accident kills owner of local car dealerships

Motorcycles are a common sight on the roads in Minnesota. In general, cars and motorcycles will share the road safely and both will keep a close eye on one another. Still, given the vulnerability of motorcyclists, it is not unusual for there to be serious injury and death when there is a car accident with a motorcycle. After this type of crash, those who were affected - whether it is due to injuries or fatalities - should understand how imperative it is to have legal assistance from an attorney who is experienced in car accidents.

Campaign focuses on texting and driving and other distractions

Despite repeated warnings, endless statistics and anecdotal evidence as to the dangers of being a distracted driver, some people in Minnesota and throughout the nation still cannot resist the temptation to look at their devices when behind the wheel. There are a variety of reasons for them doing this, and the activities range from the understandable but still unadvisable to the preposterous. Accidents will continue to occur while people are texting and driving and engaging in other distracting behaviors when behind the wheel. Those who are involved in a crash or lose a loved one in these types of car accidents must be aware of how to have a full investigation and seek compensation for their losses.

Statistics: 2017 Minnesota auto accident fatalities pass 200

It is important for states to keep track of the number of motor vehicle accidents there are in any given year as well as the number of people who suffer serious injury and fatality. In Minnesota, the Office of Traffic Safety keeps a record of these statistics. At the latest counting from the OTS, there were more than 200 fatalities through August 8. While this is an improvement from 2016, it is still a worrisome number. Those who have lost a loved one in a fatal auto accident should be aware of these trends, the causes and other factors so they can take steps to consider a legal filing in the aftermath.

Bus-car collision kills one and critically injures another

People who ride public transportation in Minnesota are generally doing so because they want to save money, believe that it is a more efficient way to travel, and often view it as safe. However, any vehicle on the road can get into car accidents at any time. In a worst-case scenario, there can be serious injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash, those who have been affected should know what to do to seek compensation for what they have lost. This is true whether it is the person who was injured in the car collision or the family of a loved one who died.

SUV crash seriously injuries 2 women

In Minneapolis and throughout the state of Minnesota, an auto accident can happen in locations where they are least expected. It is when these car accidents happen in places other than the road that people can suffer serious injury and fatalities. People who are injured in a crash as pedestrians, while in a store, or sitting and having a meal need to be aware of the potential aftereffects and react accordingly by considering a legal filing to receive compensation.

Teen drivers and the summer months raise risk for car accidents

Researchers consider the summer months the deadliest on the road for the entire year and this is a significant concern for Minnesota drivers. Part of that is due to the inevitable increase in the number of teens who are behind the wheel once school is out. The summer months are referred to as the "100 deadliest days" and spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In Minnesota and its neighbor Wisconsin, around one-third of the fatal crashes in both states happened during this time-period. There are several factors that are viewed as a factor in this.

What steps should you take in the aftermath of a car accident?

There are probably only a few very lucky people in Minnesota who have never been involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents are all too common on the roadways throughout America, so, chances are that most people will almost inevitably be in one at some point in their lives. What steps should our readers take in the aftermath of a car accident?

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